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Home Sweet Modular Home

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Red Bank, Red Hot Magazine
Fall Issue, September 2011

If progress can be measured by forward movement toward a destination, then RBA Homes has come a long way in the past 25 years to reach its goal of being the best custom modular home builder in the business. "We've really raised the bar on modular construction," says RBA Founder and President Bill Lashovitz, referring, not only to the quality of RBA-built modular homes, but the customization options now available — everything from energy saving technologies and remote appliance and security-system controls to remodeling alternatives.

Modular Home Builder

Custom Built
Modular Homes
Central New Jersey

"Our customers have the freedom to dream whatever they can dream – and we know we can build it for them."
Bill Lashovitz,
President & Founder,

"Site-built homes take twice as long to build as an assembled modular," Bill explains. "Bottom line, our houses offer superior construction quality at a lower price." Using top-grade materials and 20% to 25% more wood in the process, RBA homes are constructed and partially assembled in a climate controlled factory environment; modules, or sections, are then shipped to the customer's site, and lifted onto the foundation. "We're very adept at customization, and that's what
people want," says Bill.

modular home delivery - RBA Homes
"We're not just offering custom design, but all kinds of customizations and new technologies," says Pandora Jacoubs, director of sales and marketing. The company just finished a beach house on the Jersey Shore, incorporating a technology that enables the owner to control the HVAC and security system from his laptop at his main home in North Jersey.
modular home builder RBA Homes staff photo
Bill Lashovitz, Pandora Jacoubs, Bob Dull, Sue Jouben, and Niesa Silverberg from RBA

Modular Home Builder

"Think of modular homes as the hybrid car of the house building industry," Bill says, pointing out enhanced insulation factors that have made modular construction energy efficient. Environmentally aware, RBA has built money-saving homes utilizing geothermal for heating and cooling, solar, and even radiant floor heating.

The quality craftsmanship, dependability and cost advantages that RBA brings to its new construction now extends to additions as well. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, RBA has gained much experience doing addition work on sitebuilt homes. "It is a very viable and cost effective alternative that results in a beautifully finished home," says Bill.

At RBA, total-service means that everything is included — no extra fees — whether working with RBA's design team in conjunction with a local architect, securing permit packages, or performing necessary site demolition.

"If we had to do it over again, we would choose the very same people!" enthused one customer. "We were very happy with RBA." Thanks to such accolades — along with the hundreds of modular homes they have built throughout Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties
modular home builder - another completed custom modular home.
— RBA is now New Jersey's leading custom modular homebuilder. "Every customer wants to be treated as if they're the only person we're dealing with," says Bill. "We believe we've gotten pretty good at maintaining that type of relationship."

Modular Home Builder - RBA Custom Built Modular Homes
Central New Jersey

For more information, contact Bill Lashovitz at RBA Homes at 732.747.3800 or see the RBA Web site RBAHomes.com.

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