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RBA Homes

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Modular Home manufacturers factory assembly line of modular homes in production Cross section of a modular home in the factory waiting to move to the next stage of production Framed out roof system being designed and installed on a modular home section Rounded mate wall archway cut-out, framed and sheet rocked, waiting for electrical finishing Roof dormers being built, matched and installed in factory to insure a perfect fit on site
Assembly line showing modular homes being built by specifications in the factory Modular home floor & wall system under construction in the factory Modular homes in the manufacturing factory where wood is kept dry from the weather Close up of a modular home being framed and built in the assembly factory A section of modular home at the end of the manufacturing assembly line
manufacturing the modular home
Sections of modular homes wrapped and ready for delivery to Monmouth County, NJ Roof dormer section to be installed on an RBA built modular home Townhome modular sections awaiting delivery to Ocean County, New Jersey Ranch model home section being transported to a site in Monmouth County, Colts Neck, NJ Modular ranch sections awaiting installation to a Monmouth County, NJ site
Front of a ranch style modular home waiting to be delivered to the Jersey Shore area Modular transportation carrier ready to deliver roof dormer section to a job site in NJ Modular home installation day of set using a 110 ton crane to lift modular units onto foundation Manufacturing facility with modular home sections ready for delivery to NJ Another RBA Home ready for delivery to Monmouth County, Red Bank, NJ





Oversized crane installing the first floor modular unit of a home in Monmouth County, Oceanport, NJ Installation of the fourth modular section on a walk out basement foundation Roof dormer being installed on a two story home in Monmouth County, Spring Lake, NJ Crane lifting a well constructed modular home section on day of set with two wire straps The Fourth modular home unit being installed on a two story home in Monmouth County, Middletown, NJ
Front view of the last modular section being installed in Oceanport, NJ All four modular home sections have been secured to a foundation in Monmouth County, Oceanport, NJ Large roof dormer installed in Monmouth County, Spring Lake by RBA Homes, Red Bank, NJ Crane lifting a 20,000 lb. second floor modular home section into position Engineered roof dormer sections being lowered into position  - fits like a glove
putting the pieces together
Cross section view of the mate wall section of a modular home still on the carriers Lolly columns being installed in the full basement of a Monmouth County, modular home View of first floor modular home section being installed on a crawl space foundation The strapping required by code for all modular home installations Two first floor sections of a modular home being bolted together which is required by code



Section of a roof dormer being lowered and set into place on this 4 box modular home Interior view of the mate wall, where two modular sections come together putting a dormer in place
Lifting the completely finished interior second floor section for a new home in Ocean County, Lavallette, NJ Unfinished door jamb and frame where two modular sections came together will be finished off.
Rounded columns will be installed on this half wall in this Monmouth County, Oceanport, NJ modular home. Raising the hinged roof sections on a two story home the day of set, in Monmouth County, Rumson, NJ
Metal brackets required by code are installed to reinforce framework on every modular home Modular construction installation completed in one day by staff and set crew at 4 pm


RBA Homes
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